Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A New Plan part 2

Character: Miri "Sibley" Kalsade
Game: The Secret World

The clock read 3:15AM.

Miri stared at the bright neon numbers, wishing for sleep but knowing it wasn't going to come. How could it with her thoughts going a mile a minute? Her mind kept repeating the scene from earlier. Lorton slapping Twyce, his thinly veiled threat. All of it had been disturbing, much more so than she'd originally anticipated. She'd been aware of his ruthless reputation when they started working together, but seeing it in action... She didn't know if she could handle it.

Sitting up, Miri glanced over her shoulder at his sleeping form. His bare chest rising and falling in rhythmic motion. When they'd left the room, he had acted as if nothing had happened. Everything was fine as far as he was concerned. Holding in a sigh, Miri reached down to the ground and grabbed her shirt and sweats. She stood up and tugged them on, careful not to make any noise that might wake him. Not that that was a big worry, she'd learned early on in their relationship that it took nothing short of an explosion to wake him from his Ambien induced sleep. She headed for the door, shutting it softly behind her. A long relieved exhale finally left her. It was as if she had reached safety.

Miri made her way into the kitchen. She pulled out a tray and placed a few items on it. Bottle of water, protein bar and a hand towel. As she moved, her mind kept reminding her what a bad idea this was. Lorton had made it abundantly clear that no one, not even her, was supposed to have contact with the girl without him around.  She didn't care. She had to make amends somehow for the earlier scene. Collecting her tray, Miri went to the room and unlocked the door.

Of course, Twyce hadn't moved from where they'd left her. She was still bound to the chair, her head hanging, hair covering her face. She must've been sleeping, because at the sound of the door, she nearly knocked herself over in surprise.

Miri placed the tray down, holding her hand out. "Shh. Please, I don't want to wake Lorton up."

Twyce squinted in the direction of the door. Her voice hoarse, thick with confusion. "Dahlia? Why are you here?" 

Miri frowned. Dahlia? Wasn't that Twyce's older sister? But from what Miri remembered reading, she was dead. The frown took on a hint of concern, but she said nothing.

Twyce was staring at her, confusion obvious on her features. Dried blood was crusted around her mouth, the side of her face swollen and purple. Miri reached down and opened the bottle of water, and poured some on the towel.

Cautiously, she walked over to Twyce, holding the towel out. "Stay quiet, alright?"

She didn't move, and Miri took that as an 'ok.' Leaning over, she began to wipe at the blood. After a few moments of silence, Twyce pulled her face away.

"Why are you doing this? Is this some good cop bad cop routine you guys got going?" Her voice sounded clearer than before, more coherent.

Miri's hand froze. Good cop, bad cop? Did this girl really think she was agreeable to all that was happening? Yes, Miri had started it all, but...

It was a disheartening thought. Her eyes fell. "I never meant for...All of this."

Twyce snorted. "Yeah, I'm sure. Just wanted to have a friendly chat. One that started with you sticking that needle into my neck, right?"

"I didn't have a choice." She replied quietly and began wiping at the blood again. "You don't understand anything that is going on."

"Then why am I here!?" Came the outburst. Twyce yanked her chin away. "This is fucking insanity."

Miri looked at her sharply, then glanced back at the door.

"I told you to keep your voice down." She hissed, before continuing. "This is a means to an end. One I hope you...We, both walk away from."

Twyce stared at her incredulously. "This is about Tenji isn't it? I know it is. I can't tell you anything, he doesn't confide in me. He barely speaks to me unless he wants new socks. Get it? I'm useless."

It wasn't true. Both women knew that. Miri had done enough tracking to know otherwise, and even if she hadn't, the truth was evident on Twyce's face. As big as the girl's bravado was,  fear was visible in her eyes.

"As much as I wish that were so," Miri reached behind her, her hand reappearing with the protein bar. "We both know it's not. Why not save yourself the trouble and just tell us."

"Tell you what exactly?" Twyce said. "You all keep saying that. But even if I wanted too, I don't know what what is."

"Everything Twyce." Miri answered. "You live with the man. He trains you, teaches you. You aren't oblivious to what goes on and don't think for a second we believe he doesn't speak to you. We aren't stupid."

She didn't respond, her eyes falling downcast. Miri held out the unwrapped protein bar. She didn't think she would eat, but to her surprise, Twyce took a bite of it. The women lapsed into another silence, the only sound Twyce's chewing.

"He's using you, you know." It was Miri who broke the silence this time. "It what he does. Tenji's a manipulator. He doesn't care about anyone but himself."

She was surprised at the venom saturating her words, their sharp edge. It was impossible to miss the personal note they held. One Twyce didn't miss.

She swallowed, her brow raising. "Know him well?"

"Better than I care to admit." She replied bitterly.

The protein bar was gone. Miri brought the water bottle up, letting Twyce take a long drink. It was getting late, she'd have to get back to bed soon, incase Lorton woke. Getting to her feet, she reached into her pocket. Her hand reappeared with Twyce's glasses, which she placed on the girl's face.


Twyce let out a snort, shaking her head. "I don't get you. I don't get any of this. It's crazy."

"That's fine," Miri said. "But a word of advice: you'd do well not to upset Lorton anymore. This is his show now, and I can't control him."

"Please." She answered. "What's the worse he can do, kill me? Oh no."

It was Miri's turn to scoff. She stared at Twyce. "I truly hope this is an all act. Just because you can't die, doesn't mean he can't make you wish you could."

Not waiting for a reply, she left the room. Not bothering to drop the tray off in the kitchen, Miri sat down at the desk. Her eyes stared blankly at the folder she had been holding earlier. This is a mess. She thought. A total mess. Why did I do this? The question was pointless. She knew the answer. She could only hope that the ends would justify the means.

Miri sighed, letting her head fall into her hands.

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